Today is Friday

I’m proud to be an American today more than ever as I see people disrespect us but they can’t wait to move here and take from us as they get college degrees and jobs at the expense of those who fought and worked for our country.

Let’s get busy and elect a president who seems to care about life. Everyone deserves a chance at life instead of being terminated in the womb. Remember the people who can not have children and opt to make their lives and the unborn a true blessing.

Trump’s the man!!! No one could take this abuse the media and our beloved celebrities pour out on him.

Remember to vote! Remember to pray!


One thought on “Today is Friday

  1. I like people who respect our country and it’s Godly principles and are willing to work on the areas that still need work. I have seen that in this nontraditional President and his supporters and I’m not interested in the other party trying to play catchup now. They have had years to get it right so to demonize our democracy for votes is not attractive to me either. America is a great country. Some of us wish we could have immigrated here and gotten the educational and business-building benefits but we did not, so when people are dismissive about those liberties, I know something is terribly wrong with Trump’s detractors. I voted and continue to pray.

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