Free to be me

A horrible thing happened the other morning on “the View“ as I watched the guest Kim Klacik, a black conservative share her views regarding running for office in Baltimore. She was shut down for having a view. Go figure! Isn’t that the name of the show? I think it should read “Share your view only if your view is the same as ours”. Especially if you’re black. Blacks need to be democrats or get treated like dirt. I’ve never seen such rudeness extended to a guest in my life but I’m seeing something recently that I detest and that is black people being treated like traitors to their race for using their freedom to choose a political party. Isn’t that what we fought for in the sixties? Now we’re being put back in the box and expected to follow the leader. Well, newsflash! We have choices and the color of our skin shouldn’t dictate who we vote for any more than any other race. I notice people respect a white person who is a republican but venom is spat at the black person who is the same. If this keeps up then we are Not free at all.

Wake up Black America ! Wake up

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