Just saw on TMZ Live that Cardi B who is an entertainer, just purchased an $8k handbag for her 2 yr old daughter who could care less about designers or money. But the mother’s explanation for this ridiculous lack of good sense was that her mother and father are celebs and when they go out dressed in their designer clothes and all the unnecessary frills that their daughter should be dressed as well. Get it? “If I want to throw away my money, no one should care.” 

That would make sense if people who do this stuff weren’t usually the ones who spout racism and the system is focused on keeping us down and we as blacks don’t have anything but some of us can spend like crazy and never think about how they might be able to help the economy by helping those less fortunate. I’m appalled to see greed when so many people are unable to pay rent and utilities during this pandemic because of the loss of work and salaries. How dare Cardi B flaunt her millions when there’s so much lack in this world? Do black lives really matter to these Uber rich individuals? Or do they just want to kick back and complain that the government should take care of it?


Until later…


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